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Lvssn Industrial Products Technology Co., Ltd Brief

Lvssn Industrial Products Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd is a cross-border e-commerce service platform for MRO industrial products. It helps domestic and foreign enterprises realize the digital upgrading of procurement management through the digital construction of industrial supply chain.Through the digital conversion capability of the whole industrial chain, Lvssn Industrial Products Technology provides comprehensive digital supply chain solutions for domestic and foreign enterprises, integrating trading platforms, digital tools and intelligent services.

At present, Lvssn Industrial Products Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd has conducted in-depth cooperation with more than 500 foreign buyers and maintained long-term cooperation with more than 1000 domestic and foreign advanced manufacturing suppliers.

By strengthening the construction of high-quality and experienced sales team and strong technical support team, the company provides professional product supply, technical support and other services for all kinds of customers. The company's huge logistics center, sufficient product inventory and good distribution service system provide guarantee for customers' supporting services.

Actuator and Push Rod businesses are as follows:

Lvssn have been on the market manufacturing Electric/Pneumatic Valve Actuators for over 15 years We uses imported production equipment from USA, with modern assembly lines, and a very professional team with years of experience, specializing in the production of electric valve actuators, double-acting and single-acting pneumatic actuators, and Manual valves. We are leading Chinese electro hydraulic linear actuators factory, electro hydraulic pushers supplier, electro hydraulic pushing rods and valves manufacturer. We continue to supply advanced electro hydraulic products, including electric linear actuators, electro hydraulic pushing rods, electro hydraulic valves, unloaders and dischargers to hundreds of industries.

In the efforts of all staff and hard work and the support of all sectors of society, after 15 years of entrepreneurship and development, now Torq company is not only limited to China Market, but also exporting to 20+ countries all over the world, such as: Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, UAE, Saudi Arabic, Russia etc.

Electric valve actuators/Pneumatic valve actuators manufactured in accordance with international standards are suitable for butterfly valves, ball valves,plug valves,dampers and other quarter turn(90 degrees) valves or device, Multi-turn electric actuators for gate valve, globe valve, And linear stroke electric actuator for control valves, which are widely used in water supply and drainage, petrochemical, electronics, light industry, food, medicine, textile, paper, hydro-power, shipping, smelting, energy systems and other fluid pipelines as regulation and cut-off control devices. Our company consistent philosophy is to serve customer with high quality products and fast delivery.

Our Partner

Conduct in-depth cooperation with more than 500 foreign buyers, and maintains long-term cooperation with more than 1,000 domestic advanced manufacturing suppliers.