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Common failure of Electric valve actuator and the solution

1. No output from actuator stem

A. Check if manual operation is possible. If the manual clutch is stuck in the manual position, the motor will only run idle. B. Check whether the motor rotates. C. Both manual and electric can not be operated, it can be considered that the valve is stuck. D. Unlock the valve connection part. If the valve is not stuck, check whether the bushing is stuck, slipped or loose.

2. When the valve is fully open / closed, it cannot stay at the set stroke position, and the valve stem and the valve body collide. The “Close / Open Valve Limit LC / LO” parameter has been lost and should be reset or change the parameter “Torque Open / Close” to “Limit Open / Close”

3. The displayed valve position is inconsistent with the actual valve position. After resetting, it moves a few times and drifts again. The counter board should be replaced.

4. The actuator works, but there is no valve position indication. Check the counter. The circular magnet may be broken or the counter board may be broken. If the terminal 22/23 does not have a 4-2mA current signal output, you can consider replacing (servo) the return plate.

5. The remote control / local does not operate, or the motor rotates in one direction and cannot be limited. Check whether the manual clutch is stuck and whether the motor is burnt out; check whether the motor power wiring is correct or whether the three-phase power supply is unbalanced

6. The remote control / local does not operate, measure the motor winding, overheat protection, electromagnetic feedback open circuit, the motor has been burned

7. The remote control / local does not operate, check with the setter, the fault display: “H1 torque switch tripped”; “H6 without electromagnetic feedback”. Test (solid state) relay has no output, replace relay control board or power board assembly

8. The three-phase power supply trips as soon as it is sent. There is a problem with the relay control board or the motor coil has been burned.

9. Because the power supply voltage is high (above 400V), the fuse is blown, check the power board silicon rectifier block is normal, the primary resistance of the voltage transformer is too low, the power board component or the power transformer can be replaced.

10. The backlight is off. Check that the three-phase power supply is normal. It may be that the fuse of the actuator is blown or the power cord of the main board is loose and not plugged in.

11. Everything is normal when there is no load. When the load is on, the valve opens normally, and it stops when it is closed to about 40%. The “close torque value” has been set to 99. It can be closed in place by the hand wheel, and can be closed in place when it is installed It won’t work for a while, it is recommended to switch to the actuator with a higher gear.

12. The manual is normal, and the manual automatic clutch circlip is stuck in the manual direction. Removable handwheel, release the circlip and reassemble.

13. The remote control / local operation of the actuator can not be operated, the on / off indicator lamp flashes in place, and the battery voltage is checked to be too low. The actuator has lost the set parameters when the main power supply is powered off. Replace the battery and reset.

14. The actuator operates normally, but there is no valve position feedback, the feedback loop is disconnected, and the feedback signal is normal. The external cable is faulty. Replace the cable.

15. Torque protection trips during the actuator action, increase the value of the on / off torque setting, the fault remains the same: check whether the actuator lubricating oil is dry and the valve is stuck.

16. The valve will not close, reset the stroke limit. If the fault remains after resetting, the valve is broken.

17. The actuator setting and movement are normal, that is, it cannot exceed a certain stroke position. The valve jam or the mechanical limit setting of the gearbox is reversed. It can be manually checked and reset.

18. During the action, the motor vibrates, stops when running, and the speed becomes slower. There is no malfunction of the manual automatic clutch, and the (solid state) relay should be replaced for inspection.

19. When the actuator is manual / automatic, the display valve position does not change, nor does the feedback change. The “Limit on / off is LO / LC” parameter cannot be set. The motherboard is broken. Replace the motherboard.

20. The power board of the actuator is damaged. Replace the power board with a new one. After the power was turned on, the silicon rectifier block on the new power board quickly became hot, and it was found that some original parts of the main board had burned out. Replace the main board.

21. Actuator remote control / local can’t move, and don’t accept setting signal. When manual, the valve position can be displayed. Replace the main board and the relay control board; the switch may be broken and the magnet in the switch may be broken or lost.

22. Electric actuator does not move on-site

If the valve electric actuator fails, you should first check whether the torque is too high when removing the fault, and whether the alarm symbol appears? Is the hand crank heavy? If it is judged as excessive torque, it can be regarded as a mechanical problem. Check if there is a possibility of the machine getting stuck. If it is determined to be an electrical problem: is the power supply normal and is the phase missing? Is the fuse blown? Is the knob normal? Is the internal connector normal? Next, determine whether each board is normal? The method is the interchange method, that is, the spare plate or other good complete machine is removed and checked.

23. The electric actuator can move on the spot, but cannot move from a distance

If it is the first commissioning on site, first judge whether the short circuit is well connected? It is common that the short wiring is not connected or the terminals connected are not correct. The correct connection method depends on the different control methods. Is the input signal normal? It is common that the input signal polarity is reversed.

24. The actuator alarm icon appears on the display of the electric actuator

Check if the battery has power? Is the motor temperature protection short? Is the power supply normal? Unplug the motherboard and wait for a while to resume to see if it solves the problem. If it still does not work, replace the actuator main board or power board.

25. The electric actuator can not be shaken manually

There is a problem with the drive part of the copper nut. Remove it and check. Are the screws and the pressure ring loose? Is the copper nut worn? If the copper nut is damaged, you need to know the type of Rotork electric actuator and the size of the screw: the thickness of the screw / pitch, so that it can be replaced after processing.

26. The power supply of electric actuator cannot be delivered

After the power is turned on, the actuator has no power and the display is not bright. First, measure from the terminals to see if the 380V power supply is out of phase? If it is normal, then open the cover of the control box and measure 380V is normal? If it is not normal, it means that the wiring on the back of the sunflower terminal is disconnected, and the sunflower terminal panel is removed and repaired. If the power supply is normal, check whether the fuse is blown, and whether the shorting piece on the power supply board is off.

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