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Are pneumatic actuators made in China different from those of international manufacturers?

1, Technically speaking, there is basically no gap between pneumatic actuators made in China and pneumatic actuators made in other countries. Because the actuator products are very mature products, not new technologies, new materials or new processes, the design and processing technology of international brands still use the technology which is decades ago, and there are relatively few changes. According to China’s current industrial foundation, it is fully equipped with considerable technical capabilities. Moreover, many foreign companies now have production bases in China, or set up joint venture companies,they also purchase production parts in China. Chinese actuator manufacturers share the domestic supply chain with them.

2, In terms of product quality, there are still some gaps between Chinese actuator manufacturers and those international manufacturers, mainly reflected in production management and quality requirements, Another important reason is the price of the product: The price of the pneumatic valve actuators produced in China is only half or even one third of the international manufacturers, it is not possible to fully use the highest standard production parts, but only parts higher than the general standard , Resulting in a slight difference in overall product performance.

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